Virtual Reality with Steven LaValle

Course Description

This course covers the fundamentals of virtual reality systems, including geometric modeling, transformations, graphical rendering, optics, the human vision, auditory, and vestibular systems, interface design, human factors, developer recommendations, and technological issues.

The instructor is Prof. Steven LaValle, who is a world-class expert on VR technologies, currently serving as the Chief Scientist in the VR department at Huawei Technologies. He wrote a textbook on the subject called "Virtual Reality."

Virtual Reality with Steven LaValle
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials:

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Course mechanics Play Video
2 Goals and VR definitions Play Video
3 Historical perspective Play Video
4 General Bird's-eye View Play Video
5 General Bird's-eye View II Play Video
6 Hardware Play Video
7 Software Play Video
8 Sensation and Perception Play Video
9 Geometric modeling Play Video
10 Transforming models Play Video
11 Matrix Algebra and 2D Rotations Play Video
12 3D Rotations and Yaw, Pitch, and Roll Play Video
13 3D Rotations and Yaw, Pitch, and Roll (Part 2) Play Video
14 Axis-angle Representations Play Video
15 Quaternions Play Video
16 Converting and Multiplying Rotations Play Video
17 Converting and Multiplying Rotations II Play Video
18 Homogeneous Transforms Play Video
19 The chain of viewing transforms Play Video
20 Eye Transforms I Play Video
21 Eye Transforms II Play Video
22 Canonical view transform Play Video
23 Viewport Transform I Play Video
24 Viewport Transform II Play Video
25 Three Interpretations of Light Play Video
26 Refraction Play Video
27 Simple lenses Play Video
28 Diopters Play Video
29 Imaging properties of lenses Play Video
30 Lens aberrations Play Video
31 Optical system of eyes Play Video
32 Photoreceptors Play Video
33 Sufficient resolution for VR Play Video
34 Light intensity Play Video
35 Eye Movements I Play Video
36 Eye Movements II Play Video
37 Eye movement issues for VR Play Video
38 Neuroscience of vision Play Video
39 Depth Perception I Play Video
40 Depth Perception II Play Video
41 Motion perception Play Video
42 Frame rates and displays Play Video
43 Frame rates and displays II Play Video
44 Overview Play Video
45 Orientation Tracking Play Video
46 Tilt drift correction Play Video
47 Yaw drift correction Play Video
48 Tracking with a camera Play Video
49 Perspective n-point problem Play Video
50 Filtering Play Video
51 Lighthouse approach Play Video
52 Overview Play Video
53 Overview II Play Video
54 Shading models Play Video
55 Rasterization Play Video
56 Pixel shading Play Video
57 VR-specific problems Play Video
58 Distortion shading Play Video
59 Post-Rendering Image Warp Play Video
60 Physics and Physiology Play Video
61 Auditory perception Play Video
62 Auditory localization Play Video
63 Rendering Play Video
64 Spatialization and display Play Video
65 Combining other senses Play Video
66 Overview Play Video
67 Locomotion Play Video
68 Manipulation Play Video
69 System control Play Video
70 Social interaction Play Video
71 Evaluation of VR Systems Play Video


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