What Every 5th Grader Should Know about Math II: Algebra Prep

Course Description

This is the second part of the series on essential math education for every 5th grader, high school, or adult learner. This part of the series focuses on algebra preparation.

There is one common denominator to success in school, at university, in life and science and it is having a firm grasp of what 5th Graders should know. Michel van Biezen will give you all you need to know to fill the gaps in your math education, in this thoughtfully organized series called “What a Fifth Grader Should Know."

What Every 5th Grader Should Know about Math II: Algebra Prep
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Video Lectures & Study Materials

Visit the official course website for more study materials: http://www.ilectureonline.com/lectures/subject/5th%20GRADERS%20SHOULD%20KNOW/25/241

# Lecture Play Lecture
1 Fractions - Basic Terminology Play Video
2 Reducing Fractions Play Video
3 Fractions - Multiplication Play Video
4 Fractions - Multiplication Play Video
5 How to Find Prime Numbers Play Video
6 Divisibility Rules Play Video
7 Simplifying Fractions Play Video
8 Division and Fractions Play Video
9 Dividing Fractions Example Play Video
10 What is a Factor? Play Video
11 What is (Finding) a Factor? Play Video
12 Greatest Common Factor (GCF)? Play Video
13 Greatest Common Factor (GCF)? Play Video
14 Lowest Com Denominator (LCD)? Play Video
15 Lowest Com Denominator (LCD)? Play Video
16 +/- Fractions Play Video
17 +/- Fractions Play Video
18 +/- Fractions (LCD) Play Video
19 +/- Fractions (LCD) Play Video
20 +/- 3 Fractions Play Video
21 What Are Decimals? Play Video
22 Converting Decimals Play Video
23 Converting Decimals Play Video
24 Converting Decimals Play Video
25 Converting Fractions Play Video
26 Converting Fractions Play Video
27 Converting Fractions Play Video
28 Converting Fractions Play Video
29 What is a Percent (%)? Play Video
30 Convert % to Decimal Play Video
31 Convert a Decimal to % Play Video
32 Convert a Fraction to a % - 1 Play Video
33 Convert a Fraction to a % - 2 Play Video
34 Convert a Fraction to a % - 3 Play Video
35 Convert a Fraction to a % - 4 Play Video
36 Taking the % of a Number - 1 Play Video
37 Taking the % of a Number - 2 Play Video
38 Percent Word Problems - 1 Play Video
39 Percent Word Problems - 2 Play Video
40 Percent Word Problems - 3 Play Video
41 Order of Operation Play Video
42 Order of Operation - Ex. 1 Play Video
43 Order of Operation - Ex. 2 Play Video
44 Order of Operation - Ex. 3 Play Video
45 Order of Operation - Ex. 4 Play Video
46 Order of Operation - Ex. 5 Play Video
47 The Language of Math - 1 Play Video
48 The Language of Math - 2 Play Video
49 The Language of Math - 3 Play Video
50 The Language of Math - 4 Play Video
51 The Language of Math - 5 Play Video
52 Inequalities Explained Play Video
53 Inequalities - Example 1 Play Video
54 Inequalities - Example 2 Play Video
55 Inequalities - Example 3 Play Video
56 Operations with Variables - 1 Play Video
57 Operations with Variables - 2 Play Video
58 Operations with Variables - 3 Play Video


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