500 Nations (1995) a Jack Leustig film

Episode 5: Cauldron of War & Episode 6: Removal

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Video Description

Episode 5: Europe fights to control American resources, turning Indian homelands into a "Cauldron of War." Many indigenous nations side with the French but when the defeated country leaves its Indian allies vulnerable determined leader, Pontiac, rises to prominence.

Episode 6: Follow the Trail of Tears as Native Americans are displaced even as they adopt American ways. Shawnee leader Tecumseh sparks a return to traditional ways but The Indian Removal Act becomes law in 1830. Many stoically accept; others resist.

Documentary Description

Hosted by Kevin Costner, 500 NATIONS, directed by Jack Leustig, explores the history of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America, from pre-Colombian times through the period of European contact and colonization, to the closing of the frontier in 1890. 500 NATIONS utilizes historical texts, eyewitness accounts, pictorial sources and computer graphic reconstructions to explore the magnificent civilizations that flourished prior to contact with Western civilization, and to tell the dramatic ongoing story of the Native American nations.

500 Nations is an eight part documentary on the Native Americans of North and Central America. It documents from pre-Columbian to the end of the 19th century. Much of the information comes from text, eyewitnesses, pictorials, and computer graphics. The series was hosted by Kevin Costner, and directed by Jack Leustig. It included the voice talents of narrator Tom Jackson, Wes Studi, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Eric Schweig, Michael Horse, Gordon Tootoosis, Graham Greene, and Tantoo Cardinal. "500 Nations tries to crystallize the sweeping events that reshaped North America- one of the largest and most pivotal stories in human history - a story we feel is widely unknown. Often painful, sometimes shocking, but in the end it is simply about understanding." Kevin Costner[citation needed]

A 468 page book by the same name, published in 1994, containing far more detailed information, is based upon the documentary.


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