638 Ways to Kill Castro (2006) Channel 4

638 Ways to Kill Castro (2/2)

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Documentary Description

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has survived several hundred attempts on his life during his lengthy term in office with methods ranging from exploding cigars to femme fatales - all are revealed here.

This is a story of smoking guns and smoking cigars: a remarkable 50-year-long detective thriller, and the man who always got away. 638 Ways to Kill Castro reveals every conceivable method of assassination, from exploding cigars to femmes fatales. On the trail of Castro's would-be killers, the filmmakers meet a series of extraordinary characters; two are also accused of being terrorists, yet still living in George W. Bush's America. The film celebrates this incredible story, which is at once ludicrous and absurd, poignant and tragic. Yet this is not just a film about Castro, nor is it just a lesson from Cold War history. It is a thought-provoking and serious essay that says as much about America's foreign policy as it does about the past.


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