A Nation Adrift (1995)

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Documentary Description

The story of how God's sovereign hand guided the founders of America. You will travel on a journey... from Christopher Columbus to Jamestown, the Constitutional Convention, Civil War, WWI, stock market crash, FDR, to the present.

"An excellent video for anyone wanting to know the truth about the rich history and heritage of this nation."
~Jim Woodall, Vice President, Concerned Women for America

This is the true story of how God's sovereign hand guided the founders of America.

"A Nation Adrift," says producer Brian Barkley, "takes you on a journey -- from Christopher Columbus to Jamestown, from Valley Forge to the Constitutional Convention, from the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution, from the First World War to the Stock Market Crash, from FDR to the present."

"Our journey will give a basic grasp of God's sovereign hand behind the history of our nation, which our founding fathers so clearly understood. The result of this journey will give us a better understanding of where America is today, how she arrived here, and where she must turn at this critical hour."

"A Nation Adrift" has received high praise:

  • "Should be viewed by everyone across the nation."
    ~Don Wildmon, president, American Family Association
  • "I expect it to have a major impact on audiences wherever it is shown."
    ~D. James Kennedy, pastor, Coral Ridge Ministries
  • "An excellent video presentation of the moral and spiritual crisis in America and the urgent necessity of recovering the truth about America's Christian heritage."
    ~Peter Marshall, author and historian
  • "'A Nation Adrift' is an excellent history lesson concerning the religious roots of America. Every person in this country, young and old, should enjoy viewing it."
    ~Bill Dannemeyer, U.S. congressman
  • "'A Nation Adrift' is one of the finest [videos on America] that's ever been produced ... the finest in content and the finest in technical quality."
    ~Marlin Maddoux, "Point of View" radio talk show host
  • "In only 90 minutes, a viewer can see and hear enough new and significant information to all but obviate the need to even take a U.S. history class. This video should be seen by every American."
    ~Dale Mason, vice president, Gospel Films
  • "An upbeat, unforgettable evening of entertainment. Feel good about America again."
    ~Dan Faddis, Impact Resources


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