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BBS Documentary Interview: Philip J. Kaplan (2002)

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Video Description

Interview with Philip J. Kaplan, "pud" of FUCKEDCOMPANY.COM, for BBS: The Documentary. Conducted on March 2nd, 2002 in New York City, NY. Questions center around running a BBS, pirate groups, modem costs, what makes a web forum or BBS worthwhile to post on, tips for inciting conversation, and speculations on the personality behind running a BBS. Contains profanity. The interview was conducted in a rehearsal space leased by Mr. Kaplan and his band, and so the sound is unusual in that the microphone is located right next to him with gain turned down. The other bands rehearsing can be heard, occasionally quite clearly, in the background, but his words are always understandable. Because of the unusual lighting setup (practice stage lights were in use), there are harsh highlights on Kaplan. Also, the camera would occasionally automatically refocus to handle the unusual situation. Considered by Jason to be one of the top 10 interviews conducted for the documentary.


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