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BBS Documentary Interview: Ben Baker, Ken Kaplan, That Old Frog (Ryugen Fisher) Part 1 (2004)

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Video Description

Interview of Ken Kaplan, Ben Baker, and Ryugen Fisher (That Old Frog)in St. Louis Missouri, January of 2004. Hour 1 (of 3). Discussion of Fidonet politics, internal issues, triumphs of engineering, influence of Fidonet. Covers some parts of the ARC-ZIP battle, as well as why the various interviewees ultimately left the project. Shot in the same living room in which Fidonet's main implementation was created, at Ken Kaplan's house. The interview began with just Ken Kaplan and Ben Baker, and Fisher showed up during the process of interviewing. (He does not appear on camera until hour 2). Jason appears at the end, during a break, talking about learning about Ryugen Fisher by his nickname "The Old Frog".


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