Beyond the Movie: Alexander (2004)

National Geographic

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Documentary Description

Explore the fascinating true story of Alexander the Great, the most extraordinary warrior of all time whose military conquests remain unrivaled to this day. Leading his armies through 22,000 miles of sieges in 8 short years, Alexander brought east and west together in the mightiest clash of cultures the world has ever known. Join National Geographic on a quest to uncover the mystery surrounding Alexander's life and examine what inspired him to push onward. Stunning recreations and insights from historians shed light on the question: Did Alexander, fearing no mortal, become his own most dangerous enemy?

More than 2,000 years after he conquered the known world, Alexander the Great continues to fascinate. But what personal demons fueled Alexander's unquenchable thirst for danger, fame, and conquest? Discover the astonishing truth in BEYOND THE MOVIE: ALEXANDER THE GREAT.

Discover how tactical battlefield savvy and reckless bravado made Alexander the most formidable warrior-leader of all time. Learn why his ferociously loyal men venerated Alexander, then finally, some say, conspired in his still controversial death.

Brought stunningly to life with powerful re-creations and in-depth academic insights, it's a journey behind the mists – and myths – of history that reveals the real Alexander the Great as never before!

Source: National Geographic


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