Einstein (2006)

History Channel

A picture taken in Princeton, New Jersey, in August 1950 shows Albert Einstein standing next to the Austrian logician Kurt Godel. Both men are looking at the camera. Einstein is wearing a rumpled shirt and baggy slacks held up by suspenders. His body sags. Godel, dressed in a white linen suit and wearing owlish spectacles, looks lean and almost elegant, the austerity of his expression softened by an odd sensuality that plays over the lower half of his face. The men are at ease; they are indulging the photographer. Clearly, they are friends.
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Documentary Description

In spite of creating the Theory of Relativity, and winning the Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Einstein (born in Germany in 1879) did poorly in school as a child. This is just one of many interesting facts that can be learned from ALBERT EINSTEIN. Part of A&E's award-winning BIOGRAPHY Series, this in-depth program provides a profile of a man who shaped the course of history with his tireless discoveries and scientific explorations. ALBERT EINSTEIN explores the physicist and humanitarian's passionate work and personal affairs, providing viewers with an outlet into the life of a man who altered the world's understanding of space and time.
Description by New Video Group:

This is the extraordinary story of Albert Einstein and his decades-long battle to prove his Theory of General Relativity amid the violence of war and his tumultuous personal life.

In 1907, Einstein challenged two centuries of scientific belief and Sir Isaac Newton with a mind-boggling theory: Gravity is not pulling you down. Instead, massive bodies like the Sun and the Earth are bending space and time around you, pushing you down. He then had to prove his theory to unconvinced scientists. He figured that light from a distant star, as it passes right next to the sun and the sun's gravitational field, will be bent. And the only way to see that would be to photograph a total solar eclipse. Fiercely competitive astronomers raced each other to exotic locations to see if Einstein was right... or wrong. Hardships, weather, and war foiled their expeditions until 1922 when the photographic proof was clearly, and without a doubt, captured. It launched Albert Einstein as a global icon celebrated around the world for his genius--and his humanity.

This rich DVD from HISTORY moves beyond theories and the cult of personality to breathe new life into the man, not the myth.

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