Wild Chronicles, with Boyd Matson (2005) National Geographic

Episode 111: Madagascar expedition, Mongoose Pups and more

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Video Description

Episode Number: 111

In Madagascar, scientists embark on what may be the first expedition down a river that has long been considered too dangerous to navigate. In Uganda, investigators use a special camera developed by National Geographic to help solve a mysterious string of mongoose murders. From 14,000 feet above the earth, a daredevil cameraman attempts to capture the perfect photo. Hosted by Boyd Matson.


News from Nature

Wild Chronicles goes on a river expedition to Makira, a remote and virtually undisturbed region of Madagascar, with a team of scientists who are in for one wild ride. The team must negotiate unexplored rapids, brave dangerous waterfalls, and portage through dense forests to reach the vast biological riches that lie deep in the jungle ahead.

Crittercam ®

In Uganda, mongoose pups are disappearing under mysterious circumstances, and researchers are using a special camera developed by National Geographic to catch the culprit in the act. When the footage reveals critical clues from inside the den, one desperate mongoose mother becomes the prime suspect in a string of murders.

Adventure and Exploration

The World Free Fall Convention in Illinois is like the Super Bowl of skydiving, and the official photographer isn't sitting on the sidelines. Wild Chronicles joins this daring cameraman who relies on guts, skill and good luck to get through a day's work. He's among 200 skydivers jumping from a 727 jet at a speed of up to 160 miles per hour. The dive can be brutal, but it's well worth it for the picture-perfect freefall.

Stories from the Wild

Wild Chronicles heads to the zoo to meet a dental duo that treats some of nature's toothiest patients. Their clients come in all shapes and sizes, and some could take their hand off in one bite. It's not that they’re daredevil dentists — they do it because the animals really need their help. In the animal world, bad teeth can mean the difference between life and death.

Documentary Description

For more than 30 years, National Geographic's Boyd Matson has traveled the globe, reporting on nature, exploration, science, and adventure from the heights of Mount Everest to the frigid waters of Antarctica. As the host of Wild Chronicles, Matson connects viewers to the pulse of the planet, reporting on those who are exploring the Earth, solving its scientific mysteries, and advocating for its protection. Go Wild and follow Matson as he roams the globe—and offers a rare in-depth look at the state of our natural world.

About Boyd Matson

As a leading on-air journalist for National Geographic, Boyd Matson has the enviable job of traveling to exotic locations and joining thrilling expeditions. He has traveled to all seven continents, participated in high-adrenaline adventures, and witnessed amazing natural history and anthropology events. He has rappelled into sinkholes, run multi-day endurance races through the desert, and been bitten by more snakes than he cares to count.

Going above and beyond the call of journalistic duty to satisfy his own powerful curiosity about the world and bring a unique personal perspective to his stories, Matson's Wild Chronicles connects viewers to the pulse of the planet. In addition to creating Wild Chronicles, Matson also hosts the radio program National Geographic Weekend, writes a monthly travel column for National Geographic Traveler magazine, and serves as a spokesperson for the National Geographic Society.

Previously, Matson served as the longtime host of the award-winning series National Geographic Explorer. Before coming to National Geographic, he held several prominent posts in the field of television: co-anchor of ABC's World News Now, host of The Real Story on CNBC, correspondent for Real Life With Jane Pauley, co-anchor and weekly correspondent for USA Today on TV, original co-anchor of NBC's Sunday Today, and senior correspondent for Today on NBC.

Matson lives with his wife in McLean, Virginia. They have two children.

Source: http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/wild-chronicles


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