Concentration Camps After Liberation (1945) & Universal News Reels (1937)

Concentration Camps After Liberation & Universal News Reels

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Nazi officers and doctors are interrogated about their actions during the war. They confess to giving prisoners over doses of Morphine and leaving them to die. MEPPENE CONCENTRATION CAMP, PADERBORN CONCENTRATION CAMP- starved by the Nazis the freed men storm the food cellars. MUNSTER CONCENTRATION CAMP- Starved the French and Belgians are fed sea rations and potatoes. NORDHAUSEN CONCENTRATION CAMP- 600 Germans are ordered to take the dead bodies of 2500 victims to the burial grounds so they can see what they have done. HANOVER CONCENTRATION CAMP- Out of the 10,000 prisoners that were brought only 200 remain. BUCHENWALD CONCENTRATION CAMP- Death rate at this camp was 200 per day. Here there was a body disposal plant that had crematoriums. This made the disposal of bodies easier- 400 in 10 hours. 1200 German civilians are ordered to walk their way to the nearest concentration camp for a visit. Inside the camp the civilians see a lampshade that was made out of human skin. They are then forced to go to into the living quarters where the horrors are unbelievable. United News Reel- “Allies Invade Balikpapan” Americans are after the oil rich Japanese city of Balikpapan. General Macarthur leads the attack. “Bomber Crashes Into New York Skyscraper” A B-25 trying to reach the airport strikes the Empire State Building. “U.S Soldiers Go Direct To Pacific From Europe,” “Europe’s Stranded Millions Begin Emigration Home” the 6 and a half million displaced are being relocated. “U.S. Carriers Fight Off Enemy Suicide Attacks” U.S.S Nevada try to fight off Kamikaze suicide planes. “Germans Surrender In Italy,” “Prisoners Return To Homeland” celebration. Some leave by ship, others by air- 3 million French men were held captive in Germany. “Concentration Camp Visited By Congressmen” Buchenwald Concentration camp- Americans and people of Europe saw the horrors and will not forget. “The Link Up” Americans meet the Russians and celebrate their victory on German ground. Pathe News Special- “Zeppelin Crash!” May 3rd, 1937- Hindenburg Zeppelin blows up. Universal News Reel- “Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead,” “Zep Survivors Fight For Life As Inquiry Begins,” “Hindenburg Explodes!”


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