Cyberwars: To Catch a Little Fish (2003) National Geographic

Cyberwars: To Catch a Little Fish

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Cyberwars: To Catch a Little Fish (2003)

"Sometime in 1996, a 15-year-old Chinese teenager known as ""Little Fish"" reportedly hacked into the CIA's master computer. Whether his story is true or not, the search for Little Fish leads us to the fascinating world of hacking. Meet the fourteen to twenty-year-old ""hackers"" from Asia who are breaking into the high tech computers of the West every day. They often actually leave their signature ""icons,"" personalized smiley faces, fishes, little graphics, on the victim's system. Hackers worry governments and big corporations keep the multi-billion dollar Internet security industry up and running, a burden to taxpayers. Who are these kids? What makes them tick? Why do they do what they do? Where is all this headed? How does it affect us? In a personal journey of discovery, the filmmaker looks for answers to these questions. The search takes us to the Philippines, Korea, China and the US. Here we meet and talk with several hackers, security experts, cops and ex-cops who've made it their mission to ""save"" these kids and to protect the world from them."

Source: National Geographic


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