Death on the Nile (2004)

Imperium - Fall of Great Empires

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Documentary Description

Ancient Egypt is still one of the most mysterious empires in the history of the world. Thousands of years of peace brought Egypt great prosperity making it a truly great civilization, but one that would eventually be destroyed at the hands of the Romans.

Did the powerful empire on the Nile collapse under the weaknesses of Cleopatra, the last of the Pharaohs, or was the divine monarchy unable to keep pace with the challenges of the age? Was it merely an irresponsible woman who destroyed all this magnificence, or were Pharaohs such as Echnaton already genetically deformed through incest? Was the final collapse of the world power inevitable or was its fate sealed purely by the unstoppable Roman legions? Renowned scientists examine three thousand years of evidence with surprising results.

Fall of the Great Empires bestows a human face on once magnificent empires. What were the events that brought about the sudden fall of highly advanced empires such as Persia, Egypt, Carthage and Rome? A team of international researchers specifically examine the causes of collapse, pinpointing the fascinating moments in which the destinies of entire nations and empires were determined and compellingly illustrates how, for a brief moment in history, the development of today’s world hung by a thread.

Tags: great rome augustus mark caesar cleopatra ancient fall nile egypt octavian bunyip2 empires antony history conquest death julius


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