Decoding The Past: Mysteries of the Garden of Eden (2007)

Mysteries of the Garden of Eden (2/5)

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Documentary Description

How much do you really know about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden? This video looks at some common myths and variations in the well-known biblical story. Metaphor, myth, or reality? Traditions of a 'paradise lost' are surprisingly common and consistent across many cultures. Explore the legend and learn if this marvelous place can be pinpointed. "The truth" is, many cultures share an Eden-like tradition and even agree on the details. Illuminating scholarship traces the origins of this lasting legend. Ancient texts and cutting-edge satellite imagery point the way to "the truth". Paradise on Earth: did it exist? Can it be found today? The History Channel devotes its authoritative resources to exploring these compelling questions. The Bible says Eden was located east of Israel where four rivers meet: the Tigris and Euphrates and the Pison and Gihon. The latter two have long been considered mythical; however, recent satellite photography suggests these rivers existed in Iraq. Another theory places Eden's location beneath the Black Sea. Do texts other than the Bible reinforce the idea of Eden? Both the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh and Ancient Greek texts speak of a 'paradise lost.' Sift through the evidence to decode an age-old mystery about how paradise was lost, and where it might be found. Whether it was an actual place, or simply a compelling metaphor, the Garden of Eden remains a touchstone element of Western culture, and this in-depth exploration of its mysteries provides a marvelous, informative viewing experience.


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