Decoding the Past: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (2007)

History Channel

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Documentary Description

An ancient text containing the secrets to life after death. A remarkable documentary containing the secrets to this storied manuscript. An important addition to your DVD library.

* Features a stunning dramatization of a soul's journey through the Afterlife to re-birth.

* In Tibet, the "art of dying" is nothing less than the art of living.

* Interviews with renowned holy men and scholars.

What happens to us when we die? When THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD came to light in the Western world, many thought that fundamental question had finally been answered. THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® now gives you an opportunity to learn its secrets in this stunning, unique exploration.

Based on the Buddhist belief in reincarnation, the Book of the Dead is a how-to manual for dying: a guidebook of the Afterlife that includes encounters with gods, demons and one's own future parents at the moment of conception. Written in the 8th Century AD, its description of the Tibetan afterlife bears an uncanny similarity to modern stories of the Near-Death Experience.

Hidden from the world for over a thousand years, discovered in the remotest corner of the planet, finally translated in the 20th Century, this mythical and mystical text is one of the key scriptures of world religion. In this exquisite one-hour examination, THE HISTORY CHANNELĀ® consults with celebrated authorities such as the Dalai Lama and Robert Thurman and explores the history of the manuscript and the meaning of its message.

This is the journey of a lifetime, and of a "death-time."


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