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For 500 years, explorers have been searching the Amazon for traces of its fabled lost cities...now host Josh Bernstein searches for the most famous of them all.

Following in the footsteps of explorer Colonel Percy Heath Fawcett, host, Josh Bernstein treks through thick overgrown regions of the Amazon rainforest on the trail of the legendary "Lost City of Z".

Along the way, he braves piranha-infested rivers, hacks through virgin jungle, and comes to terms with massive regions of deforestation. Finally, he joins up with the Kuikuro tribe. This warrior people will take him to investigate the archaeological remains of a huge forgotten city. Could it be the "Lost City of Z"?

They'll teach him the ancient hunting, fishing, and horticultural techniques that allowed them to flourish long before European contact...and which may be the key to the rainforest's future.


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abdullah khan wrote 11 years ago.
this highly good. i like it. and i wanna download.

abdullah khan wrote 11 years ago.
i like it. it too good.

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