Egypt Unwrapped: Mystery of the Screaming Man (2008)

National Geographic

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Documentary Description

“In 1881, a bizarre mummy was unwrapped by a team of Victorian Egyptologists. Known today as the Screaming Man or Man E, he was very different from previously discovered royal mummies. What caused this mans haunting expression? Why wasn't he mummified according to custom? Find out what makes him different:

  • Unknown Man E is nameless and, according to Egyptian beliefs, unable to move on to the afterlife because his body, wrapping, and coffin were left completely unmarked.
  • Unknown Man E was buried in an expensive cedar wood coffin, typically reserved for important historical figures.
  • At the original autopsy in 1886, it was suggested that Man E was Prince Pentewere, the son of Ramesses III.
  • Man E was bound at the wrists and ankles, with such force that the evidence is still visible on the mummy today.
  • Man E was believed to have been poisoned at about the age of 23.
  • The entire mummification process took a total of 70 days.
  • The brain was usually extracted through the nose during mummification, but in the case of Man E it was squashed and deformed by the pressure of the bandages and showed no sign of the embalming process.


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