End Day (2005)


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In 60 minutes see just how fragile and brittle our world is. Devastation could come at any time, from almost anywhere. As the future of the earth hangs in the balance, could we recover from such devastation? The question is not if but when and how. Scientists know that apocalypse is inevitable. What no one knows is how humanity will be destroyed or when. Feared since the beginning of civilisation, the end of the world is no longer possible; it is entirely probable. In this extraordinary film, CGI combines with scientific evidence from leading experts to deliver five nightmarish scenarios of devastation. A mega- tsunami, a meteor set on a course of annihilation, a supervolcano, a deadly virus, sub-atomic scientific research gone horribly wrong – how do you want your day to end?


As predicted by scientist, the island of La Palma collapse after violent seismic activity, sending a wave – hundreds of metres high, 40km wide and travelling at 800kmh – directly toward New York.

Comet Attack

Scientists discover the fragmentation from an asteroid is not one massive creator but a string of them around the world. Berlin is next in line.

Killer Virus

Britain sags under the grip of a new form of the Black Death. By hand and mouth, it infects millions. Soon Britain is a wasteland.


As a supervolcano beneath Yellowstone Park, neighbouring states are the first casualties. Soon civilisation on the North American continent has disappeared.

Source: http://www.bbcactive.com/BroadcastLearning/MediaSupportFiles/End%20Day.pdf


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David D. Bateson wrote 13 years ago.
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