Energy War (2006) IJsbrand van Veelen, VPRO Backlight

Energy War

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Documentary Description

The Cold War and the War on Terror were about ideology and globalization. The 21st century will be dominated by the struggle for energy: It will be every man for himself and it's going to get dirty. In the two-part documentary Energy War, VPRO's Backlight investigates the major developments with regards to energy sources. Featuring NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

Part 1: The New Owners of the World

This part describes the geopolitical consequences of the dependency on fossil fuels. In the struggle for the last sources of fossil fuels, countries all over the world are forced to take new political and moral decisions and have to enter into awkward alliances: rogue regimes must be tolerated and befriended. Part 1 features a.o. Thomas Friedman, author of international bestseller The Wolrd is Flat. He sheds his light on the inverse connection between rising oil prices and the establishment of free democracies. Part 1 also focuses on the gas conflict between Georgia and Russia and the position of Saudi Arabia.

Part 2: The Green Race

The second part takes a look at the international markets for alternative energy. If oil and gas are scarce and expensive in the future, where will countries turn to keep their economy going and their population warm and happy? Could solar energy or bio fuels become the main energy sources of the post-fossil fuel era? Will governments, multinationals or small producers be the motor of the green race? How are Brazil, Africa, China and Saudi Arabia taking position for the impending end of the Oil Age?

Directors: Shuchen Tan, Rudi Boon, IJsbrand van Veelen

Producers: Roel van Broekhoven, Jos de Putter

Source: VPRO Backlight


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