FDR and Pearl Harbor (2004)

History Channel

"Ten days before the attack on Pearl Harbor", Henry L. Stimson, United States Secretary of War at the time 'entered in his diary the famous and much-argued statement - that he had met with President Roosevelt to discuss the evidence of impending hostilities with Japan, and the question was 'how we should maneuver them [the Japanese] into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.' " Cumings, Bruce: "Parallax Visions: Making Sense of American-East Asian Relations" Duke 1999 p. 47; Text above from Wikipedia's Henry L. Stimson
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Documentary Description

Historians and conspiracy theorists analyze the attack that plunged America into World War II.

  • Hear why some people believe that the attack was not a surprise.
  • Examine the evidence and decide for yourself.
  • Filled with riveting footage and survivor testimony.

The attack on Pearl Harbor shook the nation to its roots. But to some, official explanations of misguided assumptions and missed clues did not account for the enormity of the catastrophe. CONSPIRACY examines alternative theories about the events leading up to December 7, 1941. Was a plot hatched in Washington to solve FDR's ""problem"" of convincing a reluctant country to fight the Nazis? Did FDR send a secret cable just days before the attack ordering Pearl Harbor chiefs to stand down? Did U.S. intelligence intercept a message from Tokyo asking its spies in Hawaii to map the harbor for an imminent air attack? More than six decades later, the controversy still bubbles, and our experts probe for substance beneath the sensational assertions.

Source: History Channel


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