Great Tank Battles of World War II (2001)


The tiger tank after Kursk battle, 1943
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Episode 1: Dawn of the Titans

Imagine soldiers witnessing the approach of a monstrously outsized and powerful weapon of war while engaging in combat on a grassy battlefield. That was the scene at the introduction of one of the most intimidating vehicles ever invented, the tank. Great Tank Battles of World War II: Dawn of the Titans focuses on the emergence of these fighting giants on the grounds of Northern France. First displayed during World War I, the tank took infantrymen by surprise. Germans used a tank known as the Father of all Panzers to implement Blitzkrieg. Decades later, the Germans reigned supreme again with the use of 45,000 armored vehicles in Operation Yellow. Panzers weren't the only great fighters. The French D-1, Russian BT-5, and British Matilda all earned reputations for destruction. Part of a four-video collection, Great Tank Battles of World War II: Dawn of the Titans sets the stage for the worldwide influence of heavy machinery in war.

Episode 2: The Superior Force

German machinery remains unstoppable in the second episode of Great Tank Battles of World War II: The Superior Force. Standing at the border of Russia, the German forces anticipate total victory behind the powerful Panzers. Indeed, Operation Barbarossa involved millions of soldiers and thousands of tanks. The Germans advanced ruthlessly capturing 650,000 prisoners and destroying the city of Kiev. But, their annihilation was incomplete. Soviet forces led by the T-34 halted the Axis march at the gates of Moscow. Under the supervision of General Erwin Rommel, German tanks swept across North Africa, outblasting the British Eighth Army. Clever leadership and brand-new weaponry marked the early Axis victories in World War II.

Episode 3: Death in Snow and Sand

German weaponry continues its reign of terror in episode three of Great Tank Battles of World War II: Death in Snow and Sand. Having rolled across Europe victoriously, German Commander Erwin Rommel turned his sights on North Africa. However, his fleet of Panzers proved stoppable in the Battle of Stalingrad. On another continent, the British Eighth Army dug in for a prolonged fight with the help of the aging Matilda II. Down but not out, the Germans rallied at Kursk for the largest land battle in history. Over two million soldiers joined 6,000 tanks and 4,000 aircraft for this all-out fight. Though armed with the brand-new Tiger and reliable Panzers, the Germans fell to the Soviet anti-tank guns. This battle marked the turning point for the entire war.

Episode 4: Out-Blitzing the Blitzkrieg

It is the beginning of the end for German forces in the fourth installment of Great Tank Battles of World War II: Out-Blitzing the Blitzkrieg. After suffering a resounding defeat at Kursk, the Germans lost again on the Italian shores. American activity stepped up with the introduction of the T-54 tank, which pushed back foes on the Eastern front. General George Patton became a hero with his D-day landing in Normandy and march across France. Though now in retreat, the Germans proved destructive at the Battle of the Bulge, due in large part to the Panzer tanks. Despite the momentary reprieve, World War II was quickly coming to an end.

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