Hackintosh Building (2009)

Jupiter Broadcasting

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Documentary Description

November 13, 2009

Custom hackintosh educational. The first two videos were captured live on UStream, by Jupiter Broadcasting. The last two videos, from www.hackintosh.com, give a quick overview of the installation of Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" on a Dell Mini 9 and an in-depth look at the compatibility and usability of Mac OS X on the same netbook.

About Hackintosh

OSx86 (a portmanteau of OS X and x86) is a collaborative "hacking" project to run the Mac OS X computer operating system on non-Apple personal computers with x86 architecture compatible processors, and x86-64 compatible processors. The effort started soon after the June 2005 Worldwide Developers Conference announcement that Apple would be transferring their personal computers from PowerPC to Intel microprocessors.

A computer built to run this type of Mac OS X is also known as a Hackintosh, a portmanteau of the word "hack" and the name of Apple's main brand of computers, Macintosh. The Apple software license does not allow Mac OS X to be used on hardware that is not "Apple-labeled". The legality of this form of tying is disputed by companies such as Psystar and PearC, who have attempted to release products using Mac OS on non Apple-machines. However Apple claims the methods it uses to prevent MacOS X from being installed on non-Apple hardware are protected by the DMCA, and in November 2009 won a summary judgment against Psystar on these grounds.

Source: Wikipedia


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