Hitler's Plan to Atom-Bomb New York (2004)

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Documentary Description

Hitler's Plan to Atom-Bomb New York

In 1944, the Nazi top brass believed that a rudimentary nuclear weapon might soon be within their scientists' grasp. Hitler, desperate to turn the tide of the war, hatched a secret plan for an aircraft that would usher in the age of global terrorism – the 'Amerika Bomber'. This would deliver the hoped-for 'wonder weapon' directly on to the biggest target of them all: New York City.

Toward the end of World War Two, American bombing was wreaking havoc on Germany, so Hitler embarked on a desperate plan to force the US to surrender. Various scientists competed to produce a new aircraft for a very special mission : to deposit an atomic bomb on New York City. While a giant V-rocket and a high-altitude craft similar to a space shuttle were considered, a huge V-winged jet plane capable of transatlantic flight was eventually rushed into production. Historians examine the Allied mission that stopped this deadly machine from getting off the ground, and attempt to discover how close the Nazis came to creating nuclear weapons.

Source: http://www.locatetv.com/tv/hitlers-plan-to-atom-bomb-new-yor...


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