In Search Of... Atlantis (1977) History Channel

In Search Of... Atlantis (2/3)

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Documentary Description

Part of the In Search Of series, this documentary examines the existence of the legendary island of Atlantis. Since brought to the attention of people in the dialogues of Greek philosopher Plato, there has been continuous speculation about whether this island in the Atlantic Ocean, near the Bahamas and off of the Straits of Gibraltar, really exists. Narrated by series host Leonard Nimoy, In Search of Atlantis takes a look at the history of the legend, going back beyond Plato to ancient Egypt. There are interviews with historians and scientists who have studied the facts and fictions; they give their opinions about proof of the existence or illusion of the 14 massive stone buildings that are said to compose the island of Atlantis. Modern-day underwater technology allows the camera to take the viewer under the depths of the Atlantic to try to uncover this age-old mystery.


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