In Search Of Giants, with Brian Cox (2007) Teachers TV

The Forces of Nature (2/2)

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Video Description

The Forces of Nature

Part of the series: In Search Of Giants

Can everything that happens in the universe be explained in terms of just three forces? Particle physicist Dr Brian Cox talks us through the history of our scientific understanding, revealing why scientists have come to believe this. Cox also explores the unification of electricity and magnetism, and the discovery of the strong and weak nuclear forces. Along the way, he explains more about the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN, which may help scientists come up with a single "theory of everything".

Documentary Description

Ex-pop musician and physicist, Brian Cox, shares his passion for particles, the sub-atomic world and quantum mechanics. And he makes it comprehensible too! Dr Brian Cox takes viewers on ‘a scientific journey from the discovery of the electron and the birth of particle physics, via the discovery of quarks, to the building of the LHC at CERN.’


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