In Search Of Giants, with Brian Cox (2007) Teachers TV

The Hunt for the Higgs (1/2)

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Video Description

The Hunt for the Higgs

Part of the series: In Search Of Giants

Particle physicist Dr Brian Cox explains how quantum mechanics has changed the way we think the world works, and why it predicts the existence of a particle that's never been seen. The Higgs boson is a mysterious particle that explains why things have mass. Cox reveals how the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN is intended to smash particles together so violently that the Higgs boson can be detected and studied for the first time.

Documentary Description

Ex-pop musician and physicist, Brian Cox, shares his passion for particles, the sub-atomic world and quantum mechanics. And he makes it comprehensible too! Dr Brian Cox takes viewers on ‘a scientific journey from the discovery of the electron and the birth of particle physics, via the discovery of quarks, to the building of the LHC at CERN.’


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