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Our Education, Their Politics

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Documentary Description

Indoctrinate U is a 2007 American feature-length documentary film written by, directed by and starring Evan Coyne Maloney, on ideological conformism and political correctness in American higher education. Among other things, the film examines the use of institutional mechanisms such as speech codes, which are used to punish students who express political views that are unpopular within academia.

The film covers anti-military protests at UC Santa Cruz and San Francisco State University, treatment of conservative students at Cal Poly and the University of Tennessee, racial and ethnic politics at the University of Michigan and Yale, teaching at Duke and Columbia, among other subjects. It also includes interviews with David French and Greg Lukianoff, (then respectively president and director of legal and public advocacy at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), Glenn Reynolds, Daniel Pipes and others.

Maloney spent two and a half years making the documentary by conducting interviews on various college campuses and with various thinkers. The film was preceded by two shorter versions, Brainwashing 101 and Brainwashing 201: The Second Semester. The two shorts led the 2004 American Film Renaissance festival to select Indoctrinate U as its "most anticipated documentary."

In March 2007, Maloney appeared on Hannity's America to discuss the film. On April 19 of the same year, he appeared on C-SPAN's Washington Journal where they showed clips from the film and took calls.

Indoctrinate U was produced by On the Fence Films with the support of the Moving Picture Institute, and Stuart Browning, Blaine Greenberg, and Thor Halvorssen. The film's executive producers are Stuart Browning and Blaine Greenberg. Its associate producer is Frayda Levy. It was edited by Chandler Tuttle.



CNN's Lou Dobbs: "Indoctrinate U" is "Extraordinary"

CNN's Lou Dobbs gave a ringing endorsement of Indoctrinate U on last night's show. Saying the film was "terrific" Dobbs added, "I can't recommend it highly enough." He closed by recommending that viewers "get this documentary. It's extraordinary."

Here's the clip of Dobbs interviewing director Evan Coyne Maloney about the film.

Big NYC Film Festival Screening

Indoctrinate U has been accepted by the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival!

In accepting the film, the festival's reviewers wrote:

Well-edited, good looking titles, technically pulled together well so there's no major problems that distract you from looking at it. Content: About the problems of political correctness on college campuses today and how they often impinge on professors and students' individual rights of expression. Great story and content with plenty of examples to draw from, mostly talking heads interviews with archival footage cut in, well-shot film that could easily play on PBS or something along those lines. A wry, hard hitting documentary about the effect of the campus culture wars on individual rights, diversity of opinion, and the life of the mind in American higher education. Very professionally made. Great subject matter, we found it very interesting.

The film will be shown at the festival on Tuesday, March 24th at 6:00PM at the Village East Cinema at 2nd Avenue and 12th Street.

Tickets are available now via TicketWeb.

Bill Ayers and "Indoctrinate U"

Heard the name Bill Ayers in the news lately but you don't know much about him?

An earlier edit of Indoctrinate U started with a different intro, one that we've just posted on our Inside the Film page.

You'll get a better understanding of Bill Ayers's work.

"The View" on IU

Saying that Indoctrinate U is "a great documentary," The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck recommended our humble little film to her colleagues during an on-air discussion of an upcoming movie by some guy named "Oliver Stone."

Near the end of the segment, which you can see on YouTube, Elisabeth gave her ringing endorsement.

"Indoctrinate U...go see that instead."

We'll drink to that!



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