Kamchatka: The Forbidden Zone, with David Adams (2001)

The Travel Channel

This perspective view shows the western side of the volcanically active Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. The data are from the first C-band mapping swath of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). In the foreground is the broad, flat floodplain of the Amanina River, shown in blue. In background of the image is the Sredinnyy Khrebet, the volcanic mountain range that makes up the "spine" of the peninsula. The cluster of hills in the upper right is a field of small dormant volcanoes. High resolution SRTM topographic data will be used by geologists to study how volcanoes form and understand the hazards posed by future eruptions. Source: NASA
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Documentary Description

In the far-flung reaches of Siberian Russia there’s a place unlike any other on earth. A place nine times zones from Moscow. A place so far east it’s almost west. A place called Kamchatka, the snowbound Eden. One hundred thousand lakes; 300 geysers; 414 glaciers; 100 volcanoes all crammed into a peninsula the size of California. But it’s also a nuclear no-go zone. Off-limits to the world for most of the 20th century. In fact, more Americans have been into outer space than have crossed Kamchatka in the last hundred years. It’s into this unforgiving icebox cold corner of the world that David Adams goes in search of the last of the Itelman, the semi-legendary wild men of Siberia’s Far East.

Source: www.offthefence.com


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