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Life and Times: Maurice Strong

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When Maurice Strong was a young man, he quickly figured out that his high school diploma wouldn't get him very far. It was all about whom you knew, not what you knew - and Strong has always had a knack for developing key relationships. He gave a young Paul Martin his first job-and then fired him. Today, he is the most influential Canadian on the planet, and his tireless networking skills give him access to the corridors of power around the world. His fascinating story is told in The World According to Strong.

Throughout his career, Strong has worn many hats - businessman, diplomat and environmentalist. But his influence comes largely as a result of blending these experiences, producing the unlikely result of a former oil industry executive championing the cause of global warming. It's the perfect fit for the world today, he argues, and his achievements back him up: Secretary General of the UN conferences on the environment in Stockholm and Rio; special advisor to the UN on North Korea; and former head of Ontario Hydro, Petro Canada and Power Corporation. His critics are confounded by his constant movement, and accuse him, alternately, of selling out or being a spy for the opposition. But in The World According to Strong, leaders such as Kofi Annan, Mikhail Gorbachev and Ted Turner discuss Strong's remarkable ability to think outside the box, and to get things done.

Strong lives on four continents, and we follow him as he travels between Moscow, Beijing, New York and Ottawa. He has the ear of the world's most powerful, but he is largely unknown in Canada. That's about to change, as Maurice Strong reconnects with an old protégé - Paul Martin. Featuring interviews with his wife and other family members, The World According to Strong provides a rare glimpse into the personal convictions that drive such a powerful man.

Source: CBC


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