Lost Worlds: Athens - Ancient Supercity (2006)

History Channel

Acropolis, Athens
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Documentary Description

Experts reveal how Pericles helped sow the seeds of western civilization by transforming his city.

* Extraordinary re-creations and re-enactments bring the splendors of the ancients to life.

* Tour important sites with renowned archeologists and historians.

* From atop the Acropolis, survey the splendor of the Greek city at the height of its power and influence.

In the 5th century BC, one man led his city to greatness and paved the way for western civilization. The city was Athens and Pericles was not a king or prince, but an elected ruler. He directed the most costly and ambitious construction campaign undertaken in the western world--creating a model city of temples, houses, market places, civic buildings, and a highly innovative sanitation system.

LOST WORLDS reveals that, despite Athens' extraordinary influence and importance, Pericles' plan led to his--and the city's--downfall. It took 30 years to build, but it was laid low in one generation by war and disease.

Now, 2,500 years later, LOST WORLDS restores Athens to its former glory--the first senate house, the terrifying power of the Greek navy, and one of the world's most advanced water systems. The program also details the magnificence of the Parthenon--often hailed as the most perfect building ever completed.

Source: History Channel


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