Lost Worlds: Atlantis (2006)

History Channel

Fictional map of Atlantis by Patroclus Kampanakis. Originally drawn in 1891, first published in his book "The procataclysm Communication of the Two Worlds via Atlantis", Constantinople 1893 Source: library.thinkquest.org/C0130480/maps.htm
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Documentary Description

Excavations on the island of Crete shed new light on an ancient legend. Perhaps Atlantis did not sink in the sea, but was covered in ash.  Ancient writings and modern archeology combine in this riveting look at the timeless tale. Travel the Greek isles in search of a long-vanished civilization. The wonders of Atlantis are described at length in ancient writings, including those of the philosopher Plato. But was his description of the island civilization just shadows on the cave wall, or was there really such a place?

The latest research, expert analysis, and cutting-edge technology take us back to a peaceful island that exploded with devastating force. At the dawn of the 20th Century, the remains of a palace were discovered on the island of Crete, preserved beneath volcanic ash. Our experts link the Cretan palace and a town on Santorini through the unique engineering of their buildings. Rebuilding towns, temples, and the palace of Atlantis as described by Plato, LOST WORLDS reveals the majesty and mystery of this lost world. The builders of the original palace achieved a level of engineering excellence not matched for centuries. With its massive scale, complex water-management systems, and sparkling gypsum walls, the engineering of this extraordinary palace connects it to Plato's descriptions of Atlantis.

Source: History Channel


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