Lost Worlds: City of Armageddon (2007) History Channel

City of Armageddon

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Documentary Description

Relive the terrible fate of King Herod's impregnable fortress, Masada, as it reemerges from the ruins in this evocative exploration.

  • Ravishing computer reconstructions show ruins in their original glory.
  • Return to the site of one of the most desperate standoffs in history: Masada.
  • Unique access to some of the most important archeological sites in Israel.

LOST WORLDS journeys through time to relive some of the most crucial events in world history within the walls where they occurred. In each revealing episode, discover secrets of the past with a team of historical detectives using evidence from recent excavations, state-of-the-art scientific studies, and historical documents. History comes alive before your eyes.

High above the Dead Sea, Masada was built by King Herod to withstand the onslaughts of all aggressors. And for three full years a band of Jewish freedom fighters stood against the might of Roman legions. In the end their fate was terrible: a mass suicide meant to rob the Romans of slaves and satisfaction.

LOST WORLDS returns to this desolate Judean hilltop to reconstruct the glories of Herod's formidable fortress. Clues to the stronghold's construction - and its builders - are still being discovered among the tumbled stones. Tour the storehouses, barracks, cisterns, armory and palace as they appear today. Then, as vivid graphics breathe life into the ruins, journey to Masada during the time of the siege and once again face the might of Rome.

Walk the magnificent, doomed streets of the CITY OF ARMAGEDDON in this captivating episode of LOST WORLDS.


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