Lost Worlds: Henry VIII's Mega Structures (2007)

History Channel

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Documentary Description

Discover the timeless buildings created by the King powerful enough to launch the English Reformation and the Royal Navy.

  • Unique access to some of the most important archeological sites in England.
  • Ravishing computer reconstructions show ruins in their original glory.
  • Tour the stunning architectural legacy of this famous Tudor monarch.

LOST WORLDS journeys through time to relive some of the most crucial events in world history within the walls where they occurred. In each revealing episode, discover secrets of the past with a team of historical detectives using evidence from recent excavations, state-of-the-art scientific studies, and historical documents. History comes alive before your eyes.

King Henry VIII's reign marked the pinnacle of royal power in Great Britain. Like no other British ruler in history before or since, his will was law. At his whim, for example, England split from the Catholic Church, Wales was annexed, and half a dozen wives fell by the wayside.

He was a true Renaissance Man, yet no less brutal for his interests in poetry, music, sports, geography and art. Henry ruled by fear, executing his opponents and several of his wives. He ordered the destruction of beautiful buildings, libraries and works of art.

Despite his destructive bent, though, Henry also built many magnificent palaces like Hampton Court and transformed Westminster Abbey from a modest church into the epicenter of the Protestant religion. In this fascinating episode of LOST WORLDS, walk the halls and grounds of his greatest achievements. Discover, through the buildings he cared so much for, the real man behind the mythic figure of Henry VIII.

Famed for his six wives, Henry VIII was one of England's greatest kings - and greatest builders. He built many magnificent palaces like Hampton Court and the country's first major naval shipyard at Portsmouth.

He liked to rule by fear, executed his opponents and wives and ordered the destruction of beautiful buildings, libraries and works of art. However, Henry VIII remains one of the most important monarchs to have ruled England.

You wouldn't want to marry him, but you will want to explore HENRY VIII'S MEGA STRUCTURES.


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