Lost Worlds: Hitler's Supercity (2006) History Channel

Hitler's Supercity

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Documentary Description

See the stunning edifices that Hitler envisioned creating in a triumphant Third Reich.

  • An inside look at Hitler’s literal plans for post-war Germany.
  • Examine the dictator’s fascination with architecture.
  • Pore over plans created by the Nazi architect Albert Speer.

Hitler caused more death and destruction than anyone else in history. But he also planned to build on a massive scale and place a new Germany on a par with ancient Greece and Rome.

LOST WORLDS pieces together a picture of how Hitler wanted Germany to look from the ruins of what was built and from plans of his architect Albert Speer.

In Nuremberg, HITLER’S SUPERCITY recreates the Zeppelin Tribune: where 60,000 people could overlook a parade ground. Discover the real purpose of the 405,000-seat stadium Speer planned to hold the Olympic Games. And computer-generated images based on Speer's plans bring to life the monuments Hitler planned for himself: the Triumphal Arch--twice the height and four times the width of Paris's Arc de Triomphe--and the People's Hall--a structure so big the Eiffel Tower could fit inside it. Monstrous, intimidating, built on slave labor--this is the Lost World we'd now inhabit if WWII had gone differently.


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