Lost Worlds: Ramses' Egyptian Empire (2006) History Channel

Ramses' Egyptian Empire

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Documentary Description

1300 BC: The mighty Egyptian civilization is in its golden age. Its ruler is Ramses II, a man who intends to be the greatest of the Pharaohs. He will make his mark by building: vast statues; towering obelisks; temples carved from the living rock. Ramses is a giant of a man: he dominates his kingdom for sixty seven years, pushing it on to ever greater glory. The ruins of what he built still stand, but thirty three centuries on; with the aid of new research and cutting edge graphics technology, the true scale of his ambition can now be fully revealed.

We reconstruct the grand hypostyle hall at Karnak; explore the technical innovation and engineering skill that produced the temple at Abu Simbel; we rebuild the Ramesseum as he would have seen it, and uncover how the extraordinary tomb that Ramses built for himself would have looked when his body was finally laid there.

Source: www.history.ca


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