Lost Worlds: The Age of Airships (2007)

History Channel

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Documentary Description

Take flight with these amazing flying machines and explore the fabulous world that could have been.

  • Unique access to some of the most important sites in aviation history.
  • Ravishing computer reconstructions show ruins in their original glory.
  • Blimps, dirigibles, hot-air balloons, and zeppelins were once the wave of the future.

LOST WORLDS journeys through time to relive some of the most crucial events in world history within the walls where they occurred. In each revealing episode, discover secrets of the past with a team of historical detectives using evidence from recent excavations, state-of-the-art scientific studies, and historical documents. History comes alive before your eyes.

Lighter than air, larger than anything that has ever flown, and predating the Wright Brothers' clumsy flight by decades, the airship was an awesome technological marvel that first freed humanity from the bounds of Earth. Though they eventually became little more than advertising novelties, what if these wonderful aircraft had fulfilled their promise? In a fascinating departure from the usual LOST WORLDS format, this episode explores not so much the past as it was, but the present and future as they could have been.

Follow the rise and fall of the airship in graphic, realistic detail. Learn of the extremes of airship technology: the only airborne aircraft carriers, the first aerial bombardments and the largest single object to ever take flight. And wonder at the future that never will be, in which airships dominate the sky, and where personal blimps and cargo super-ships ply the winds.

Take a LOST WORLDS flight of fancy, if you will, to the AGE OF AIRSHIPS.


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