Air Crash Investigation: Racing the Storm (2003)

National Geographic

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Documentary Description

The crew of American Airlines Flight 1420 is warned about crosswinds from a thunderstorm during approach to Little Rock Regional Airport. The plane tries to land but overshoots the runway. 11 people are dead. Was the storm to blame? Or were the pilots to blame?

About the Series

Mayday (also known as Air Emergency in the United States, Air Crash Investigation in the United Kingdom, Australia and other parts of the world) is a documentary television program produced by Cineflix in Canada. It is aired on Discovery Channel Canada, National Geographic Channel and other channels. This documentary series investigates many air crashes and near-crashes in modern history after the introduction of the black box flight recorders. It reveals events that led up to each disaster, the causes of the incidents and the measures recommended in the report by the NTSB or the investigating Commission to prevent a similar incident happening again. It features re-enactments, interviews, testimony, computer-generated imagery, and in some episodes, cockpit voice recordings to reconstruct the sequence of events to the audiences. As of December 2009, seven seasons of programs have been produced. For season 4, the series received an updated title sequence and appearance. The program is produced in Canada under the name Mayday. Viewers also refer to this series as Air Crash Investigations while National Geographic Channel does not officially use the final S. There are small differences to the show as released to different regions. This includes the use of a British narrator, titling, and different theme music. In Australia the first season of the show was aired as Mayday whereas the following seasons were aired as Air Crash Investigation or, later, Air Crash Investigations.

Furthermore, this program, along with the similar series Blueprint for Disaster, for a time were typically billed together as Disaster Detectives on Discovery Channel Canada. It consisted of a short 10-second clip of various scenes aired before the show.
Source: Wikipedia


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