Navy SEALs Untold Stories: Canal Zone (2001)

Navy SEALs Untold Stories: Canal Zone

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Documentary Description

Documentary that explores a December 1989 mission of two SEAL diving teams charged with blowing up one of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega's escape routes. The SEALs were tasked to destroy Noriega's gunboat, the Presidente Poras, which was docked in a heavily guarded harbor. High-risk night games of cat and mouse brought divers Epley and Coughlin dangerously close to a life-threatening freighter. A 90-minute planned dive took four hours. In an era of fierce conflict and global chaos, the US Navy SEALS stand ready to answer their nation's call. Honed and hardened in the flames of combat, they descend from the night sky and rise from the ocean depths to strike their targets with deadly efficiency. Based on first-person accounts, this extraordinary miniseries captures the danger and emotion of four actual, classified SEAL missions. From the planning stage through preparation to the heart-stopping execution, these superbly trained young warriors face battle savagely, but in secret.


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