Nazi America: A Secret History (2000)

History Channel

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Documentary Description

Nazi America: A Secret History (2000)

In a 2-hour survey of Nazism in the US, we trace the history from the fairly benign organization that gave structure to newly-arrived German immigrants to today's neo-Nazis, who breach the borderline of free speech by using radical action to force their agenda of Aryan purity. It's also a history of the imperfection of American freedom.

It started with the arrival of German immigrants in the 1930s. Originally, it was fairly benign, giving the newcomers structure and a sense of kinship with the land they had left. But after World War II exposed the horrors of the Nazi regime, Nazism in America became a voice of hate and exclusion.

NAZI AMERICA is a feature-length profile of a fringe party that exploits the very freedoms they would abolish in order to get their racist, hate-filled message out. See how vitriolic leaders embraced Hitler's doctrine of Aryan superiority and the elimination of Jewry to rally the disenfranchised. Trace the history of the American Nazi Party and the many Neo-Nazi parties active today. Members speak of why they embrace a cause universally reviled, while law enforcement officers reveal how they fight the spread of the Nazi influence in America.

Filled with shocking footage and unflinching commentary, NAZI AMERICA: A SECRET HISTORY pulls the wraps off decades of hate and discrimination in our midst.


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