Persepolis Recreated (2004) by Farzin Rezaeian

Persepolis Recreated

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Documentary Description

Seized and burned by Alexander the Great's conquering army, shaken by uncounted earthquakes, eroded by 25 centuries of rain, fluctuating temperatures and scouring winds, Persepolis, the greatest of the royal residences of ancient Persia is a definitive ancient ruin. Yet the place remains an awesomely impressive sight 2,500 years after it was built. Even today, those who step up to its gigantic terrace of 125,000 square meters and see its majestic columns are filled with a sense of majestic columns are filled with a sense of awe drifting into a dream-like trance. A dream in which one tries to visualize the beauty and dazzling splendor of Persepolitan places before their sad destruction. Persepolis Recreated” is the name of this beautiful documentary film by Mr. Farzin Rezaian.


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Anisio J.Garayp wrote 12 years ago.
Pena que o vídeo não funcionou até o
Gostaria de vê-lo todo e entender melhor a linguagem.

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