Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey (1988) BBC / PBS

Spice Island Saga

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Video Description

The Blair brothers follow the footsteps of naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace on a Bugis sail boat in search of the Bird of Paradise to the Aru Islands near New Guinea. This educational documentary highlights the mysterious surroundings of the Spice and Aru Islands, which are found within the archipelago that makes up the beautiful country of Indonesia. Watch as producers Lorne and Lawrence Blair take viewers beneath the blue waters on a dive in search of pearls and deep into the green jungles with the native Bugis tribes.

Documentary Description

The Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey is a series of five documentary films that documented the ten-year voyage[1] of two filmmakers, brothers Lorne Blair and Lawrence Blair, through the world's largest and least known archipelago. Financed by Ringo Starr, the Blair Brothers arrived in Indonesia from England in 1972. The Indonesian archipelago was still dominated by ancient paganism and the Blaire Brothers spent over two decades documenting the ecology of the islands and the spiritual beliefs of its peoples. One major result was the Emmy-nominated BBC/PBS television series Ring of Fire, a masterwork of modern adventure and ethnographic film. Cut from 80 hours of 16mm film in co-production with WGBH, Boston, RING OF FIRE was produced, directed and photographed by Lorne Blair and co-produced and written by Lawrence Blair. Executive producer was Frontline's David Fanning.
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