Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 Years (1998)

Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 Years (6/8)

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Documentary Description

It is an epic beyond anything Hollywood could imagine, embracing emperors and itinerant preachers, the teachings of a man accepted by millions as the Savior and the battles fought in His name.

From the Crucifixion to the coming of the Crusades, Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 Years traces the evolution of one of the world's great religions. Scholars explore the intertwined fates of the Roman Empire and the faith it first persecuted, then adopted. Theologians reveal how the New Testament was shaped, and how pagan festivals were transformed into Christian holidays. And examine modern discoveries that shed new light on the dawn of Christianity.

Drawing on ancient texts, the Scriptures and visits to sites like Istanbul's magnificent Hagia Sophia, this is a spellbinding journey through The Rise of Christianity: The First 1000 Years.

Source: ABC


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