Secret of the Aegean Apocalypse: Mystery of the Sea Peoples (2004)

History Channel

Sea peoples represented in Medinet Habu, Egypt. Relentless attacks by groups known as the Sea Peoples around 1200 BC virtually destroyed all the major powers of the Mediterranean, and cleared the way for the rise of the Greeks, Romans and Western civilization. Surprisingly for such a pivotal moment in world history, the events which took place at that time are not well understood and are widely debated. Many theories have been advanced to explain these times, and their participants have been declared to come from Anatolia, or the Aegean, or even Atlantis. Source:
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Documentary Description

Around 1,200 BC, an ancient Armageddon destroyed nearly every known civilization. What could have caused it? The theories are many, but most now include one mysterious and massively destructive factor--a force only the Egyptians survived to name: The Sea People. Who were these warriors and how could they take down the world's greatest powers in a span of just 50 years? Scale the dizzying heights of Crete's mountain fortress with archaeologist Krzysztof Nowicki as he searches for clues.


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Richard Welch wrote 12 years ago.
Most of the Sea Peoples were old Atlantean tribes from the
west, but they were joined by some tribes from the East
Mediterranean in the late 2nd millennium attacks Atlantis
itself of course had been destroyed several centuries
earlier (See Roots of Cataclysm: Geopulsation and the
Atlantis supervolcano).little

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