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Documentary Description

The Armenian Revolt - Tragedy in the Middle-East

In the shadows of WWI, the Armenian struggle for freedom and independence from the Ottoman Empire results in a gruesome Civil War, a splintered community and what is considered by some today, a genocide. Nearly a century later, there remains much debate about whether Turkish Muslims or Christian Armenians were more or less responsible for the brutality that took place. Producer/Director Marty Callaghan said, "This balanced program is the first of its kind. While the tragic fate of Armenians in the World War I era has received a substantial amount of attention in news and documentary programming, the story behind the Armenian Revolt has been almost completely overlooked. 'Armenian Revolt - Tragedy in the Middle East' can educate Western audiences in an important era of Middle Eastern history that continues to influence public opinion and foreign policy today." The documentary is based on two years of research with experts in the United States, Russia, Germany, Romania, England and Bulgaria. Interviews were filmed in the United States and Turkey. Stunning, historical footage from 1913 to 1919 has been found in the national archives of the United States, Romania and Bulgaria as well as in a private archive in Moscow, Russia. Still photographs were sourced in the United States and from a private collection in Berlin, Germany.

Callaghan is a veteran documentary filmmaker, focusing on military history, World War I and the Middle East for much of his career.

Source: http://www.m-i-m.org/library%20event.pdf


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