The Battle for the Future (2010) with John Stossel

The Battle for the Future (2/3)

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Documentary Description

The government’s eating up 40% of the economy, unions are bankrupting cities and states, overtaxing businesses & punishing entrepreneurs — can America be saved? John Stossel digs for answers and solutions. Watch “The Battle for the Future”. Unions Bankrupting States and Counties and Cities..Best way to stop this problem is for “TAXPAYERS” to stop being responsible for government pensions... In today's day and age government workers by all means should be paying into there own 401K Plans just like the private sector. Plus in government pensions people can collect full pensions after 20 years of service.Which means some one starts working for the government at age 20 they retire at 40 with full pension benefits..If the life span now is 72 that’s 32 years the taxpayers are paying for one person..Multiply that by thousands of people working in government..


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