The Bog Bodies (2006)

BBC Timewatch

Bog Bodies, or the Bog People, are extremely well preserved and ancient corpses that have been discovered all over northwestern Europe. Typically Bog Bodies are found when workers drain sphagnum bogs and extract the peat moss. No one knows for sure how many Bog People have been uncovered in the past. Today, documented discoveries of Bog Bodies number around 700. Some are merely skeletons and can only reveal a limited amount of information to scientists. Others are partially preserved and may still hold some clues as to who they were or how they died. Finally, there are those that have been completely preserved with their clothes still intact and their facial expressions the very same as they had been when they were buried. The most intriguing thing about these intact Bog Bodies is what the reveal about the manner in which they died.
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Documentary Description

Timewatch producer John Hayes Fisher describes the astonishing and important discovery of two rare preserved bodies in the peat bogs of Ireland. What's it they say about waiting for a bus? All of a sudden three come along at once. Well it's a bit like this with bog bodies - ancient human remains preserved by the unique chemical composition of peat bogs. It has been 20 years since the last bog body was found, at Lindow Moss in Cheshire. Then in 2003, two turned up in Ireland within the space of three months. A bog body find is an archaeological sensation, but Timewatch quickly secured exclusive access, preventing the news from leaking out to the wider world. It is with huge trepidation that I head off to the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin to meet the team into whose hands the two bog bodies have come.
Source: BBC


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