The Da Vinci Files (2005)

Discovery Channel

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Documentary Description

Peer into the secret legacy of one of the world's most brilliant minds. Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, inventor, musician and perhaps the greatest genius in history. Delve into the secrets and mysteries that surround the man and his work. This magnificent documentary series is rich in historical reenactments shot on location in Italy.


* Heresy: The Mysteries of the Last Supper

* Alchemy: Leonardo and the Perfect Proportion

* Sacrilege: The Sign of John

* Profanity: The Secrets of Mona Lisa

* Blasphemy: Leonardo and the Sacred Shroud of Turin

* Conspiracy: Leonardo and the Priory of Sion

From the mysteries of his work to the secrets he might have been protecting, this is fascinating viewing to all who appreciate the intricacies of a brilliant mind.



The Da Vinci Files documents the life of the great artist Leonardo da Vinci, examining specifically the elements of his life that are brought up in Dan Brown's blockbuster best-seller The Da Vinci Code. The documentary takes a look at the possibility that there are coded messages in the man's legendary works.

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