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The Green Swindle (3/6)

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Documentary Description

Everyone's going green! Controlling your carbon footprint has become a global fad, but is it all just a con job? And, how much "green" is it costing you? Sean investigates the truth behind this billion dollar industry and how concern about the environment turned into global warming hysteria. KSFO morning host Brian Sussman is one of the featured guest. Suss is author of the book, “Climategate” which tied together all the years of evidence of climate change fraud, and the very costly legislation being proposed world-wide due to this fake science. A veteran meteorologist, Sussman expose the Global Warming scam on the special edition of Hannity. "This is the television program that will pound the final nail into global warming’s coffin," says Sussman. "Sean and his team at Fox News approached me earlier this summer, asking me to play a significant role in the show. Sean knows that my book reveals the Marxist foundation of fraud upon which the climate-change movement is built. He also knows that in Climategate I call out the perpetrators of this con by name—and that’s exactly what Sean will do tonight on national television."

Along with Sussman, the hour-long special, entitled "The Green Swindle," include a rare interview with the two brilliant researchers who broke the crafty code used to fabricate the bogus hockey stick temperature graph used by Gore, the United Nations, and the U.S. Federal government to scare Americans into believing that they’re experiencing the hottest weather ever. The program also details the damning emails leaked from the infamous Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in the U.K. The emails revealed that influential climate scientists were involved in a manipulation scheme to alter the world’s temperature record. Sussman contends a CRU insider purposefully leaked the emails. "Clearly someone inside CRU was sick of the scam being conducted from within the hallowed halls of this once prestigious research institution. They blew the whistle to alert the world that political activists with Ph.D.s were using their academic cover to manipulate data and professionally blackball scientists with opposing points of view." In Climategate Sussman shows how unscrupulous climate scientists are supplying policy makers with the tools needed to usher in a wave of socialist policies designed to de-develop the United States and redistribute American wealth. He also reveals the billions of dollars Al Gore and others stand to make off of the so-called green revolution and cap-and-trade schemes. "Hats off to Hannity and Fox News for having the courage to produce this very special program," contends Sussman. "They should win a Nobel Prize for telling the scientific truth. Tonight will mark the end of the global warming hustle."

The Green Swindle aired on August 28, 2010 at 9PM Eastern on a special edition of Hannity, on the Fox News Channel.


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