Monarchy, with David Starkey, Series 4: The House of Windsor (2007)

Channel 4

Buckingham Palace, London, UK
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Documentary Description

1. The House of Windsor: Dr David Starkey concludes his epic story of our monarchy with a special programme on the history of the House of Windsor. Far from being stuck in the past, the story of the monarchy in the 20th Century has been one of re-invention. In the space of a few decades our Royal family changed its name, its image and the role it played in the life of the nation. It embraced new technology and found new ways to engage with the people. As David Starkey reveals, this was a course of action that would take the monarchy to some of its greatest moments of triumph, but also sowed the seeds of its near destruction.

Includes: death of Queen Victoria, to present day; speculation on the path of King Charles III or King George VII. This single extended episode completes the series.

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