The Last Continent (2007)

Narrated by Donald Sutherland

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Documentary Description

In 2005, a small group of scientists and filmmakers agreed to leave everything behind for more than a year to sail to the Antarctic and live in isolation. Following in the path of the greatest explorers, expedition leader Jean Lemire and the crew of the Sedna IV dedicated themselves completely to measuring the threat posed by global warming in a place where Earth is particularly vulnerable. The resulting film, is a record of their incredible 430-day journey that inspires equal measures of fear and admiration. Alternating between captivating images of beauty and serenity, and spine-tingling sequences where the ship's crew finds itself on the edge of catastrophe, this is an expedition where danger and wonder are inextricably linked.


Biologist and filmmaker Jean Lemire, accompanied aboard the schooner Sedna IV by a handpicked team of scientists and filmmakers, dared to experience climate change and its consequences within Antarctica’s icy grip.More than a full year of daring, isolation, danger, intensity: it was a spectacular adventure full of risks and triumphs, joys and perils. The Last Continent (Le Dernier Continent) is a testament to a human adventure at once chilling and inspiring. The film, narrated in the English-language version by Canadian film star Donald Sutherland, alternates between captivating images of deep serenity and spine-tingling sequences in which the ship’s crew finds itself, time and again, on the edge of catastrophe.

Before our eyes, the crew members live out their most exhilarating highs and grimmest lows. With The Last Continent, Jean Lemire earns the viewer’s admiration on every level: majestic landscapes, fascinating wildlife, a courageous and sensitive crew, relevant and troubling environmental information, exceptional filmmaking. The film is a worthy tribute to the courageous Sedna IV mission it documents, a voyage to the heart of the last continent: Antarctica.



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